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Clong Candlestick

Clong is a candleholder, inspired by our perception of time. By using materials and symbols historically associated with time, we hope to engage senses to create a feeling of tranquility and reflection. As the candle burns, the bronze pins placed in the candle fall, leaving a faint resonance as a reminder of the passing of time. Clong is handmade by Rosengren’s metal in Malmö. The two accompanying candles of beeswax are made by the designers themselves.

Colours: The candlestick is manufactured by hand and every piece is unique. The colour of the candles varies and may change in nuance.
 H: 130 mm D: 35 mm
Year: 2016

Designer Britt Jönsson, Jessica Ward
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1 899 kr

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Designer Britt Jönsson, Jessica Ward