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What is architecture that emerges locally from its natural and cultural con- text? How can it be rooted and yet varied and inquiring, respect history and context while serving as the starting point for innovation and as an expres- sion of its time?

Fostering a discussion on the role of architecture for a region’s identity and character, the exhibition Define/Refine takes its point of departure in the concept of Critical Regionalism, which is interpreted and elaborated upon.

The five invited architect-led teams each present a scenario for a future archi- tecture that is rooted in its region and place. The presentations exemplify an architectural discourse in which tradition engages with the present, and the global encounters site-specific local qualities and conditions. Providing nei- ther comprehensive solutions nor answers, these scenarios should be regard- ed as a platform for a continued conversation on architecture, landscape and urbanism in this part of the world.

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Publisher: Architects Sweden at Form/Design Center

Designer Andréason & Leibel
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Designer Andréason & Leibel