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Inger-Optical Illusions Lamp

Two optical “rainbow makers”, one solar powered and one electric powered. Inspiration in the form of an artist’s cupboard from the collection of Ystad Art Museum.

Inger Ekdahl (1922-2014) was an artist and Swedish pioneer in spontaneous painting during the middle of the 20th century. In many of her later paintings and sculptures she worked with optical illusions and prismatic effects. Ekdahl often worked from home and used, among other things, a vacuum cleaner as an aid in the production of her works. Inger Ekdahl has become more known for a larger audience and placed in an international context after her death.

There is a clear relationship between Jenny Nordberg and Inger Ekdahl’s work including methods that are both strict and controlled parallel with random elements and effects. The collection “INGER – Optical Illusions” consists of two objects that both generate rainbow phenomenons. One solar powered and the other one electrically powered. In the same way that Ekdahl worked in a home environment, Nordberg has developed a kind of home-adapted production line for the final surface treatment of the rainbow makers. The process is relatively controlled but also has some indeterminate elements.

Designer Jenny Nordberg
Collections Skånsk Museikollektion
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Designer Jenny Nordberg
Collections Skånsk Museikollektion

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