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Burning coal is a major cause of carbon dioxide emissions. Despite the knowledge about this the use of coal is increasing and it is expected to continue doing so. Kajsas project is inspired by coal with its beautiful shiny surface that stands in contrast to the materials devastating consequences for both man and earth.

When Kajsa developed this concept, she was fascinated by the many stories that the material carries and its history. All from the harsh life in the coal mines (like here in Skåne, Höganäs), innovation, development, fuel or just the fact that a diamond is composed of carbon atoms arranged in a particular pattern. Somehow I got caught up in the contradiction that a material that has so much darkness and dirtiness to it, also can be experienced as so incredibly beautiful visually.

In her fascination for the material, she decided to try to transfer that feeling of the material so it would reflect in both shape and material. that’s why she choose to work with black MDF since it’s a material with similar characteristics as cole. It got this powder that is black and stick everywhere and it is also dangerous to inhale during production.

The side table is supposed to be an exaggerated almost kitschy interpretation of her own double feeling towards coal.

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 MDF, mirror glass
Dimensions: B: 35×40 H: 43 cm
Colours: carbon black
Year: 2015


Designer Kajsa Willner
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Designer Kajsa Willner