In the shop’s gallery: 100 cups

We present a selection of the exhibition “Koppen” (cups) produced by Designers Zoo in Copenhagen. This wide diversity of cups includes the elegant, the humorous, the surprising, the decorated, the ergonomic, the functional, the unusable and the cup as an object.

Participating artisans:

Anna Carin Dahl, Christian Buur Bangsgaard, Clara Gewecke, Claydies, Clip Klap, Dorte Kristoffersen, Hanne Bertelsen, Helle Bovbjerg, Jane Holmberg, Jette Löwen Dall, Karen Fly, Karin Blach Nielsen, Kristina Vildersbøll, Kirsten Høholt, Lars Rank, Louise Degn, Marianne Johnstad, Marianne Krumbach, Marianne Nielsen, Martine Myrup, Maya Rosette Helle Rasmussen, Metha Stuart Wallace, Pia Baastrup, Souvenix (Anne Tophøj & Jobim Jochimsen), The Flying Saucer (Anne Tophøj & Theis Lorentzen), Tina Marie Bentsen.