Southern Sweden Design Days

Southern Sweden Design Days opens the doors to the southern Swedish design scene and welcomes both local residents and visitors from around the world.

For four days Southern Sweden Design Days’ digital platform will be filled with exhibitions, seminars and workshops with a focus on sustainability, cooperation, development and innovation from a full range of design disciplines. At the same time, physical activities will be held during the event in various locations in Malmö in a safely adapted way. Southern Sweden Design Days is arranged by Form/Design Center – the leading meeting place for architecture, design and crafts in southern Sweden.

This year the digital platform will be the heart of Southern Sweden Design Days (SSDD) and will bring together everything that can be experienced during the event. From the old railway workshop Lokstallarna, in Malmö’s Kirseberg district, SSDD Studio will broadcast a packed programme featuring both established names and new designers linked to this year’s theme: “1 + 1 = 3”. The theme can be seen as a symbol of synergy and sustainability – in order to solve existing and future challenges, cooperation and innovation are needed to create new equations. In Southern Sweden Design Days’ Instagram feed we can also discover the participants’ creative environments as they broadcast live from their studios.

Theme 2021

The theme for Southern Sweden Design Days 2021 is “1 + 1 = 3”.
We want to encourage collaborations and cross-fertlizations and highlight the openness of this region. The theme could also be seen as a symbol for synergy and sustainability – in order to solve some of our current and future challenges we will need to collaborate, innovate and come up with new equations.

The theme is open to interpretation – it can be a mix of different materials or techniques forming a new whole, it can be different expressions and styles combined in a new fashion or it can be different industries or disciplines joining forces etc.


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