SUSTAINORDIC is a platform and network that aims to promote sustainable consumption and production based on a Nordic perspective, in accordance with the UN’s global Goal 12 of its Agenda 2030.

The focus of the platform is to collect and disseminate good Nordic examples of sustainable production and consumption internationally, and to stimulate the development of national policies in the field.

The project takes its starting point in a joint manifesto that has been developed to inspire patterns of sustainable consumption and production, with twelve underlying sub-goals. These are associated with ongoing Nordic projects with explicit sustainability ambitions in the field of the built environment. The project’s primary target groups are decision makers, politicians and academia.

Read the manifesto here

The network was formed in 2015 when a number of Nordic organisations in the fields of architecture, urban development and design decided to strengthen their cooperation across borders via a formalised partnership, in which visions and goals for cooperation were jointly and formally established. The project is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and is in accordance with their vision of disseminating the Nordic perspective internationally.

Participating stakeholders are: The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design (ArkDes)and Form/Design Center in Sweden, Design Forum Finland, Design og arkitektur Norge, Danish Design Center and Iceland Design Centre. The initiators and project owners of SUSTAINORDIC are ArkDes and Form/Design Center. ArkDes is the project’s administrative body.

The Nordic Report

SUSTAINORDIC annually issues the book The Nordic Report, which highlights good examples in sustainable production and consumption in the Nordic countries. The collection of good examples is going on throughout the year in all the Nordic countries and highlights about 60 examples, approx. 12 per country in all Nordic languages plus English, with the purpose of inspiring and being an eye-opener for an international audience.

The Nordic Report 01 is available for sale in the Form/Design Center store and webshop >>