Utvalt i Skåne

The project Utvalt i Skåne (Selected in Skåne) aims to show the range and development of crafts-driven creativity within the field of design today. The project includes all types of design and expression – everything from traditional handicrafts and utility objects to free and conceptual works.

Utvalt aims to encourage works that are based on the crafts tradition but that preferably go beyond the traditional boundaries of expression and technique. Utvalt encourages collaborations in which practitioners with differing cultural and artistic approaches to crafts and tradition can create added values.

The project is implemented in the form of a juried touring exhibition complemented by seminars and workshops for practitioners and the general public both during the tours and in between them.

Utvalt i Skåne (Selected in Skåne) is organised by The Crafts Center (KVHC), The Handicraft Association of Scania, and Form/Design Center. It is a quality event planned to recur every three years (2015, 2018 and 2021) and is implemented with support from Region Skåne. The project aims to stimulate development in this field in Skåne, increase knowledge and public attention, and strengthen interest in crafts, handicrafts and design today.