London Design Fair 2017

The Swedish design pavilion at London Design Fair

In September 2017 the annual Swedish design pavilion is again part of London Design Fair. This year’s organizers is Southern Sweden Creatives in partnership with Swedish Design Moves. Form/Design Center is Southern Sweden Creatives’ main partner for the London event, which mean that this year the pavilion will have 100 percent Skåne theme. Eleven design companies exhibit at individual and shared spaces in the pavilion. London Design Fair is being held September 21–24, in the Old Truman Brewery in the dynamic Shoreditch district of east London. Each year the fair will attract 450 exhibitors from 29 countries and approximately 27,000 visitors.

Southern Sweden Creatives is a project that supports southern Swedish companies in the cultural and creative industries to reach out internationally. Southern Sweden Creatives is currently the biggest export-related project for the cultural and creative industries in Sweden. Form/Design Center is one of its nine partner organisations. The venture is part-funded by the European Union Regional Development Fund and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and runs from 2016 to 2019.

Swedish Design Moves is a four-year project that aims to market Sweden abroad as a design destination. The project is run by Visit Sweden in cooperation with Svensk Form, the Association of Swedish Fashion Brands (ASFB), Architects Sweden and the Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry (TMF).

Form/Design Center has produced a series of short films in cooperation with Southern Sweden Creatives, Swedish Design Moves, London Design Fair and Zetteler Films. The films portray six of the companies that exhibited at the fair – all based in Malmö.

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Andréason & Leibel
Kristian Andréason and Kristin Leibel are industrial designers who freelance in lighting, furniture and interior design products. They founded their studio right after achieving master’s degrees in industrial design at the Academy of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg (HDK). In 2002 the couple moved to Malmö and worked with lighting design for IKEA and Ateljé Lyktan in Åhus and on a number of graphic identity commissions. Today their studio is located in a beautiful old printing shop opposite the sugar refinery in Arlöv.

Watch movie: Swedish Design Moves – Andréason & Leibel


Butler/Lindgård is a design studio with a focus on textile design and consists of Hanna Butler and Karin Olu Lindgård. Authenticity, sensuousness and the hand’s presence in the work are always their guiding principles. This often leads to an analogue design process close to the materials. The starting point of a project or collection is often a theme, concept or issue. A special feature of the duo is their very close collaboration, which means, for example, that they sketch together on the same sheet of paper. There is no ‘mine’ and ‘yours’ but rather all the works are joint projects.

Watch movie: Swedish Design Moves – Butler/Lindgård


Future Days
Future Days is a design studio in Malmö that creates locally produced interior design items and furniture in futuristic forms in vibrant colours. Sources of inspiration are the UK’s New Wave, Molly Ringwald’s rosy cheeks, Miami Art Deco and Italian giallo films. The design studio was founded in 2014 by Kim Walltin, who previously worked as a packaging designer for Tetra Pak.


Kullaro is a small family-run company based in Lönsboda in northeastern Skåne. It works with local deposits of diabase (dolerite) to create contrast-rich, timeless forms and objects, each of which has its own form of expression, its own distinctive nature. The rock is often combined with other materials, which enhance it in an unexpected way. The creators’ vision is that each piece of jewellery or furniture, each work of art will have part of their heart and soul imprinted on it.


Minus Tio
Minus Tio is a design studio with a passion for furniture. Working with skilled designers and artisans, the studio produces innovative, functional furniture featuring natural materials, carefully created details and a Scandinavian feel. All production is done in southern Sweden. All the furniture is made with the highest possible quality and least possible environmental impact.

Watch movie: Swedish Design Moves – Minus Tio


MKID is an industrial design agency based in Malmö with a broad spectrum of clients. It is run by Milan Kosovic. In addition to industrial design projects for clients such as Britax, Brio and Byggfabriken, he is also involved in more artistic projects, such as a collaboration with ceramic artist Thomas Alexanderson, which has resulted in a series of functional sculptures. MKID’s designs have also won many prizes, such as the international Red Dot Award and Skåne’s Guldkärnan.

Watch movie: Swedish Design Moves – MKID



Norrgavel was founded in 1991 by Nirvan Richter. It produces beautiful, functional and environmentally sound furniture that is characterised by artless simplicity, handcrafting, emotion and care. The company is run on humanist, ecological and existential values. The aim is for the furniture to be able to stand the test of time in terms of durability and give enduring pleasure to the eye.


Petra Lilja Design Studio
Petra Lilja is an industrial designer and curator based in Malmö who works in an explorative way with varying materials ranging from clay and glass to wood and film. Her works are often concept based and are founded on a solid investigation of various fields. One example is her interest in mythology as an inspiration for exploring irrational ways to find new forms of expression.


Stoft Studio

Stoft is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Malmö that is has been run by industrial designer (MFA) Jenny Ekdahl, Ola Nystedt and Joel Herslow since 2013. The trio jointly explore the emotional relationship that can arise between humans and objects. Their method is based on their own different but complementary design processes. The focus is on creating objects with a personality – ones that stimulate creativity and provoke questions.

Watch movie: Swedish Design Moves – Stoft Studio


Swedish Ninja

Swedish Ninja designs and produces lighting and furniture with the goal of creating objects that live on from generation to generation. The best-known product is the table lamp Little Darling, whose design was inspired by the striking difference in height between the company founder Maria Gustavsson and her husband. At London Design Fair the studio presented a new collection of furniture and interior design objects based on a number of new design collaborations.

Se film: Swedish Design Moves – Swedish Ninja



Zweed was founded by designer Håkan Johansson in 2010 has is based in Helsingborg. Håkan’s idea was to create a furniture brand with a focus on design, functionality and quality. The inspiration came from discussions with clients, who often came to him because they could not find a design solution for their needs. Zweed’s furniture is characterised by great care for detail, meticulous execution and smart functionality.

Companies that participated in the Swedish design pavilion also had access to professional coaching via the Design Boost business development programme, which is run by The Creative Plot in cooperation with Med Form/ Design Center.

The participation at London Design Fair is the second activity in the design field for Southern Sweden Creatives this year. The previous activity occurred during Milan Design Week in April, and the next one is the Dutch Design Week in October.

London Design Fair