Southern Sweden Design Days

7–10 May 2020 the first edition of Southern Sweden Design Days will take place – a new international design event in Malmö. Southern Sweden Design Days opens the doors to the creative southern design region and invites visitors and participants from all over the world.

Southern Sweden Design Days 2020 is the start of an annual event aiming to highlight and build knowledge about design – with focus on sustainability, collaboration, development and innovation. During four days, the city will be filled with exhibitions, seminars, networking events and festivities. Southern Sweden Design Days is organized by Form/Design Center – the main venue for architecture, design and craft in southern Sweden.

Open to everyone – free admission

Southern Sweden Design Days is open to visitors of all ages – free admission. The event invites a design interested public as well as professionals. The participants are active in the fields of design, architecture and craft, ranging between independent practitioners, agencies, studios and collectives; design brands and companies active in the field of design; educational institutions, cultural institutions, industry organisations and associations. Both national and international practioners are welcome to participate. Submission for Southern Sweden Design Days is open until 31 January 2020.

Main locationLokstallarna in Kirseberg

The main location for Southern Sweden Design Days 2020 is ‘Lokstallarna’ in Kirseberg. Lokstallarna will become a connecting point and a venue for the launch party, press lounge and talks as well as an exhibition space for Southern Sweden Design Days participants. Lokstallarna has a strong personality and history. In the 1930s, the old railway workshops were the city of Malmö’s second largest workplace. Today, the premises have been given a new life and serves as a vibrant culture and craft center.

The theme for 2020

The theme for Southern Sweden Design Days 2020 is “1 + 1 = 3”. We want encourage collaborations and cross-fertlizations and highlight the openness of this region. The theme could also be seen as a symbol for synergy and sustainability – in order to solve some of our current and future challenges we need to collaborate, innovate and come up with new equations. The theme is open to interpretation – it can be a mix of different materials or techniques forming a new whole, it can be different expressions and styles combined in a new fashion or it can be different industries or disciplines joining forces etc.

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