Form/Design Center is a place and a hub for knowledge and inspiration, for comparing experiences and for building networks in form, architecture and design. It is an accessible center for a broad public but also for people who have specific interests in these topics and for people who are associated with the industry.

The Center’s operations are profiled via the granary’s three storeys that are open to the public. The building functions both as an architectural and design stage for in-depth exhibitions that encourage reflection, mingled with smaller and shorter explorations of current developments in the subject field we focus on. The building also functions as a social space for workshops, lectures or public debates.

Form/Design Center is also active in various development projects and cooperates with many other cultural institutions and knowledge platforms regarding industry ventures, knowledge seminars and personal creativity.

Form/Design Center’s overall goal is to be an even more active part of a national policy in the collective subject field of form, architecture and design. The Center aims to use its current activities as a foundation with which to help the subject field to contribute to a good living environment, benefit people as individuals, and promote sustainable development. The Center also intends to be a place for knowledge for many people, a space that will create strong experiences and foster creativity but also convey knowledge and promote critical dialogue.

Form/Design Center is operated by Svensk Form Syd, a not-for-profit association. Form/Design Center is supported by funding from the Ministry of Culture, the City of Malmö, Region Skåne and the Swedish Arts Council.


To communicate and visualise the forms of our living environment

We want to survey, analyse and carry on a discussion about the complex living environment that has been and is continuing to be created by humans.

To be the standard bearer for design

In the public debate we want to highlight the importance of design and architecture to the human living environment and for a long-term sustainable development.

To strengthen industry’s innovative power and competitive ability

We want to facilitate cooperation in order to develop sustainable buildings, urban environments, objects, work methods, services, and ways to communicate regarding design issues.

To inspire and to create bridges across social, economic and geographic gap

We want to spread ideas about the formed living environment and well thought-out design and to open the way for dialogue and participation.