Contemporary urban practices in public space

Jesús Huarte, founder of Territorio de Arquitectura, professor of Architecture and Urban Design at the University of Buenos Aires.

Through walks and talks Jesús Huarte apprehends urban space and gets interested in what others overlook: empty plots, unwanted buildings, areas of friction, areas where the possibility to grow an urban future is infinite. These areas are the perfect soil to drop an urban seed, as she puts it in her practice-based research project [u-seed]. Jesús’s tools and techniques to make these seeds grow stem from architecture and urban design – she draws and models, and with paper and paint she expands her drawing and modelling to spaces of the city: sidewalks, facades, rooftops, streets, harbour hangars, even prisons. She develops the seeds in interaction with neighbours, professionals, and academics so that imaginaries for urban futures emerge. Through her personal biomap Jesús takes the audience onto her [u-seed] itineraries to discover the urban worlds she calls habitablesenciales, habitainfinitables, or second landscapes.

Jesús Huarte is a practicing architect and a professor of Architecture and Urban Design at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she also directs the strategic research project [u-seed], dedicated to finding new ways of developing futures for fragile urban contexts. She is the founder of the studio [Territorio de Arquitectura], specializing in architecture, art and urban research. In 2016 she was invited to contribute a second landscape to the international exhibition Hacking Habitat, staged in the Wolvenplein Prison in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Jesús frequently participates in competitions; her winning proposals include the façade drawing of the Contemporary Expressions Center in Rosario (2013), and the development of a city park and new dwelling typologies for the city of Bolivar (2016). She also engages in urban design consultancies such as the international workshop for the city of La Plata to which she contributed with an approach entitled ‘La Plata, System of Landscapes’, published as an essay in the book In Out by La Plata University. Since 2017 she has been a member of RIENN, International Network of Ethnographical Research involving Children and Youth.

Discussion over drinks and snacks with Johan Paju, landscape architect, creative director at FOJAB Arkitekter, founder of URBAN GREEN.

Moderated by Lisa Diedrich, Professor of Landscape Architecture, SLU.

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