Slum growth is outpacing all other forms of urban develop­ment, with nearly one billion people – one third of the entire urban population – living in informal settlements around the world today. The loss of capacity for integration and social mobility is consolidated in urban spaces that exacerbate social differences and segregation. Today, the condition of urban marginalization is getting worse; the problem involves not only access to income but also the social stigmata faced by those who cannot integrate into the formal systems of urbanization and modernization. The objective of urban projects should be to challenge this tendency of segregation. The lecture discusses urban design strategies for the integration of marginalized settlements, which en­ables policymakers and communities to find solutions for the conflict by improving these communities ­– not to mention the local children’s quality of life – through playscapes. Driven by concerns of marginality, the lecture presents different approaches to urban projects and contributes to the discussion concerning architecture’s role in developing greater social and spatial integration.

TID: Tisdag 14.10 kl 17-19.30
PLATS: Form/Design Center
KOSTNAD: Ingen kostnad
ARRANGÖR: Movium Partnerskap