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Every year, Form/Design Center arranges extensive program activities, both based on the exhibitions and on the ongoing cultural and social debate. Through screenings, workshops, lectures and talks, we offer the audience a further in-depth study that promotes dialogue and increased participation. The program activities are often arranged in collaboration with various organizations, academies, business and the public sector.

Tre om Jävla kritiker

Sketch festival

20 OKT 2021 / 17.30 - 19.30

Sketch festival offers a platform to investigate and share experiences around the sketch as a method, quality and perspective in the interfaces between art, pedagogy and societal development. For two days we witness, investigate and share experiences about how the sketch can take place as learning and and in exploration.

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Visning på Form/Design Center

Guidade visningar varje vecka

Få ut mer av ditt besök på Form/Design Center genom att gå på våra kostnadsfria visningar.

Varje lördag kl 14 kan du lyssna på oss berätta om vår aktuella utställning på plan 2. Varje onsdag kl 12 håller vi dessutom en kortare lunchvisning. 

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Designens roll inom gestaltad livsmiljö


Through two half-day conferences - 18th November 2021 in Gothenburg and 21st April 2022 in Malmö - Form / Design Center and the Röhsska Museum invite you to a conversation to focus on the role and significance of design in how our living environments are shaped and who actively participates in these creative and often complex processes.

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Digital workshop: Forma! Jewelry

Create your own jewelry! Educator Maria E Harrysson shows simple and fun ways to make your own necklaces from things that can be found at home. Our children and family activities “FORMA! For children” is available online and is suitable for children aged 6–12.

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